Ottawa Prom and Graduation Limo Rentals

Ottawa Prom and Graduation Limo Rentals


Ottawa Prom and Graduation Limo Rentals

They say that high-school is the best and worst time of your life. Full of ups and downs, unforgettable experiences, and experiences you’d like to forget, it hasn’t been easy.

But in mere days, it’s going to be over.

You, along with the rest of your graduating class, have been getting through high school together. All of you have successfully passed through the ‘gauntlet’, and now it’s time to celebrate.

There’s no better way to do so than with Rolling Luxury.

Only the Best Transportation For You and Your Friends

Your Prom is a celebration you get to enjoy once in your life.

With Rolling Luxury, you can make sure you do it right.

For smaller parties, big parties, and even bigger parties, Rolling Luxury has everything you need to get you to your Prom, after-party, and home, in unbelievable style. Consider the options:

High Profile, Small Parties: The Cadillac Escalade

Sitting high on massive chrome rims, it’ll be impossible not to see you your friends coming from miles away as you make your slow and steady approach. All eyes will be on your party as you step out of a Cadillac Escalade from Rolling Luxury into your prom venue, an entrance that won’t be forgotten by any who experience it.

Classic Comfort and Style: Our Limo’s

Lincoln Town Car

For parties that are a little bit bigger (up to 8), there’s no replacement for the classic Lincoln Town Car limousine. Featuring full leather seating, auxillary input for your music, atmospheric lighting, and an optional bar package for parties aged 19+; there are few better ways to ride to your prom.

Stretch SUV’s

More than 8 people, but still looking for that unique stretch experience? Consider one of our stretch SUV’s, capable of seating up to 14. With all the same amenities, but a little more room, these vehicles are more than capable of accommodating you and all your friends!

The Party Bus

When even seating for 14 won’t cut it, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Capable of accommodating up to 24 passengers, our largest limousine has all the luxury amenities you’d expect, only in a much bigger package. With Bluetooth, atmospheric lighting, and massive floor-to-ceiling windows; there is no better way to transport large prom parties than with a party bus from Rolling Luxury.

The Best Prom Transportation in Ottawa

There is simply no better way to get to and from your prom than with a chauffeured limo from Rolling Luxury. For parties big or small, booking a vehicle with Rolling Luxury is guaranteed to provide the Prom experience you’ve always wanted. To book a limo and driver, get in touch before they’re gone!