Photo Booth Rentals


There are photo booths, and then there are great photo booths.  Unfortunately not all were created equally and you need to make sure that you get the right photo booth for your event. Here’s what makes Rolling Luxury stand out from the rest:

·          Quality of pictures

The camera in many photo booths won’t be the best, or even satisfactory for that matter. With Rolling Luxury you won’t have to worry about that at all.  Our photo booths are all equipped with the latest camera technology that ensures your photos will be in focus, and high quality. Perfect moments only happen once in photo booths, why would you want to risk ruining it with outdated equipment?

·          Will they post online for guests to look at later?

Will every company post your pictures online for easy later viewing? Unfortunately prints can be easily damaged or lost; at Rolling Luxury you can have your photo’s posted online so that even if the physical photo is destroyed, you can still have it after the party. This also lets all of the guests see your picture, and share the moments you had in the photo booth. What better way of creating buzz about your event is there?

·          High quality/wide variety of fun props

Rolling Luxury also offers a wide variety of high quality props to open up the possibilities of every picture. Have you ever thought, “This picture would be much better if I had a squid hat on?” Well now that’s possible with Rolling Luxury’s props, and if you don’t believe me check out some of our past photo’s!

·          Customized print outs or generic?

Most photo booths come with generic prints of the photos. At Rolling Luxury you have the option of creating customized print outs with the names of those involved, dates, and a custom design for the background! It’s a great way for guests to remember the event that they took their pictures at in the future, and Rolling Luxury offers it!

·          Worried the photo booth won’t fit with the décor?

Always wanted a photo booth, but you thought it would take away from the look of your event? Well that’s not a problem with Rolling Luxury as our photo booths look professional, and are guaranteed to fit into any theme you are going for!

If you’re considering a photo booth for your wedding, party or event then Rolling Luxury has the photo booth for you. Our high quality services and features ensure the best possible photo booth experience for your event, book or give us a call today for more information!