1.       Photo Booths Add Fun to any Party

Ever needed a special moment recorded, or an opportunity to let loose and have your creative side really show through? What better place to do that than in a photo booth? They let you and your friends have a priceless memory of a great night immortalized in print. Some are even able to tell a story with their photo strip that perfectly reflects any special night, whether it be prom night, a wedding, or your child’s birthday party.

2.       Photo Booths Act as Great Icebreakers

Worried that your guests are shy, or that it takes a while to get people to come out of their shell? Photo booths can fix that for you! They encourage groups of people to come out of their shell and create a memory together.  To go outside their comfort zone for the sake of a funny picture. To leave behind their shyness and express themselves in the way that is truly unique. Photo booths create an excellent opportunity to have any event started off on the right foot, try it out today!

3.       Photo Booths Create Bonding Moments

Put people together in a photo booth and watch the magic happen! People bond over the funny, sometimes goofy photos that they create. Your guests will strive to create the best photo booth pictures, and bond over what they created. They’ll have the memories of what they did in print, giving them a snap shot memory of all the fun and exciting times they had!

4.       Photo Booths Create Memories (online and printed)

Unfortunately every event, no matter how great, must end. People will leave with fond memories of it, no doubt, but what’s better than memories? A great photo strip to remind them of all the great times they had! Photo booths forever immortalize your guest’s night at any event. Just looking at the pictures they took will help them remember everything that happened, all the good times they had, the exciting events that took place, or a couple’s special night together. Photo booths create memories, and help preserve them in a fun and sometimes goofy way.

5.       Photo Booths are Perfect for Weddings

Photo Booths are the ideal way to spice up your wedding! They give all of your guests a way to remember your special day, and allow them to use the photo booths creatively. One of the best uses for a photo booth at a wedding is using it for the guest book. At weddings the attendant will print and stick your photos into the guest book, have people sign the picture and give them the opportunity to write something personal to the bride and groom. It gives guests an opportunity to uniquely thank the newlyweds for an excellent event!


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